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posted Jun 14, 2009, 10:38 PM by Paul Gareau   [ updated Jun 15, 2009, 1:15 PM ]
Hey all! This is my first post from the road. I got in to Fairbanks about four hours ago, and managed to split a cab ride with a hiker named Michelle to Billie's Backpacker Hostel. I didn't waste any time and got my bike and trailer set up as soon as I arrived. Luckily, everything arrived in as many pieces as there should have been, and my only problem was that the airline wouldn't let me bring my empty fuel bottles and pumps. My sister wasn't too far from the airport so she was able to come back to pick them up, and hopefully she can mail them to me soon. I'll spend another day here tomorrow, buying food and seeing the town, then I'll head out on Tuesday.

Also want to thank my Dad for the free going away meals, Chris and Dan for helping me move, and lastly but not er.. leastly, my Mom for letting me crash at her place for the last two weeks, and for her help with all the last minute details. Thanks again everyone!

Ciao for now.