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Back in Dawson!

posted Jul 17, 2009, 4:07 PM by Paul Gareau
Hey all. Chris and I got back to Dawson yesterday. We were able to hitch a ride all the way to Inuvik, but we waited most of the day before we got picked up. We cycled south for about a week before getting back down to the Arctic Circle, and passed through long stretches of Boreal forest, and tundra in the higher elevations. The second week had easier climbs, but we had two days of rain that made the road muddy and harder to pedal over. The best views were definitely farther south on the road, and made all our hard work earlier on seem worthwhile. Today is a rest day for us, so we're hanging around in Dawson and will probably catch part of the music festival that's in town for the weekend. Tomorrow we'll hit the road again and continue on down to Whitehorse.

I'll post again with more info on the last two weeks - no time now though!