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Chris's First Post

posted Jun 6, 2009, 4:13 AM by Christopher Philpott
Hi everyone, with 24 days to go till the trip starts I'm starting to get pretty excited and nervous.  I'm worried about the standard things like getting mauled by a bear and getting all my equipment stolen my bandits in South America.  Luckily Paul gave me the links to some helpful bear information that recommends, depending on the situation, walking backwards, feigning death or attacking the bear, so I'm feeling more confident about dealin­­­­­­g with bears at least!  I'll probably use the same techniques for any bandits.  I'm extremely excited about cycling up in Canada's remote Yukon and Northwest Territories.  We haven't got much wilderness left here in the UK and I'm looking forward to the wild camping, midnight sun and general feeling of being in the middle of nowhere.  Fitness wise I'm feeling pretty good or at least better than usual as I've actually done some training.  I've just got back from an 11 day cycle tour of Wales which was extremely enjoyable.  I was accompanied by my girlfriend Helen who is going to be joining me and Paul for part of the trip in the South American and who I shall miss massively in the next six months when we're apart. 

I feel I should give Paul a big thank you in this post as he has done a lot more research for the trip than me so far but I know how much he enjoys it and I wouldn't want to take the pleasure away from him.  I'd also like to say thanks to my parents who have both let me live rent free, so I could save money for the trip, in thier respective homes and for not getting too angry when I got my bike stuff everywhere.   It would also be nice to see some UK comments in the guestbook, come on folks!