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La Paz (and by the way... 6 MONTHS ON THE ROAD!!)

posted Dec 16, 2009, 2:32 PM by Paul Gareau
Hi. I'm back in La Paz again after doing the southern loop of the Baja Peninsula. There's not too much to write about this time. I rode back into Cabo San Lucas on Sunday morning. Meh... still wasn't too impressed. The beach looked nice enough, but unless I missed it, there is no good boardwalk or any other way to get good ocean views from the city. San Jose del Cabo was about the same - I took a quick spin through, but didn't find any good reasons to hang around. On my last day of riding back to La Paz, there were some big hills and great views. I don't know if it's just more humid around the southern tip of the peninsula, but it was uncomfortably hot and I struggled to stay hydrated. Besides being hilly, the south eastern part of the peninsula has a lot of deciduous trees, mixed with big saguaro cacti. It was a surprising combination of plant life to see there. As we planned, I met back up with the Canadian girls from Playa Los Cerritos in La Paz. Amazingly, as I rode into town and down the main street, I saw Leah walking back to her car. The four of us walked around for a while, with me pushing my bike and causing all kinds of problems for the other pedestrians in the city. Leah leads kayaking tours in La Paz and has an awesome apartment here, and kindly let me stay last night and tonight - even though she left town today. They explained before that since I'm just on a bike I can't easily carry one of them or their stuff away on my trailer so that makes me pretty trustworthy. :) Leah had a combined going away and birthday party for Naomi and Mikki that night, and had some local friends over for that. Mikki, Naomi and I can't keep up with the party-endurance of the Mexicans, and fell asleep hours before the rest of them. Today we had some pancakes in the morning before dropping Naomi and Mikki off at the bus station. Their departure was more of a "goodbye for now" since all kinds of options came up from sailing to Hawaii/New Zealand next year to touring together in Costa Rica and South America. I spent some time walking around today, and it's been a pretty relaxing day overall. My ferry to Mazatlan will leave tomorrow at 8PM, so I'll have some more time to see the city before I leave. I have my schedule for the next month or so pretty well figured out, and I should be in Puerto Vallarta for Christmas, but probably nowhere in particular for New Years.

OK gotta go! Hasta luego.