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posted Dec 1, 2009, 3:39 PM by Paul Gareau   [ updated Dec 1, 2009, 4:21 PM ]
We finally decided to take a rest day in Loreto, and today five of us went on a snorkeling trip out to an island not far from here. We all had wet suits, but the Sea of Cortez was still a little on the cold side, so no one spent too much time in the water. While we were in, we were able to see a pretty good variety of colorful fish around a small reef at the beach. We just spent the rest of our time on the island relaxing. I was the only one lucky enough to see a dolphin on the way out of the harbor - unfortunately it was the only sighting of the day.

After Santa Rosalia, we rode through Mulege and got a quick bite to eat, but didn't spend much time in town. We found a great beach campground at Santispac that had a restaurant, small store and kayak rentals. The next day we decided we'd only ride a little farther down the bay to make the next day's ride easier, and we spent the morning kayaking around a few islands in Conception Bay. In the afternoon we rode a whopping 10 miles or so to Buenaventura, which looked like it had seen better days. They had a restaurant, wifi and free camping, so we decided to stay and do the rest of the ride to Loreto the next day.

The group I'm riding with has been having some of the usual frustrations caused by different touring styles, and we all rode separately for most of the day. This was great for me since I was able to stop and take pictures without having to rush to catch back up. Three of the touring styles I've noticed are "athletic", "cultural", and "natural" and each of the riders has one of these types. Riding without feeling obligated to stay together can give each person the freedom to do what they want throughout the day and every one seemed happier about having that flexibility.

I'm still blown away by the mountains and desert scenery here. Everything got a little greener on the East side of the peninsula, and some of the mountains reminded me of riding in the far north. They have a very relaxing affect on me. There have also been more of what I've been calling "cactus forests", which I can't seem to get enough of.

That's all for now - hasta luego!

PS. Oops, one more thing. While we were in Buenaventura, I figured out that I have about 10,000 to 11,000 miles left to go. I think this would get me to Tierra del Fuego around August of next year. Since that's the middle of their winter I need to slow down a little by adding two months to my trip! This means I could take more time off and stay at my current pace, or do maybe 200 miles less per month, or some combination of the two. Another Argentina-bound cyclist figured he only has to do 40 mile days to get there by their spring and just yesterday, I met someone who was riding north from Argentina. He has been on the road for 11 months and is averaging about 1000 miles per month. That's lower than my average, but it shouldn't be too hard to slow down by that much.