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Quick Update from Aguachica Colombia!

posted Jun 15, 2010, 7:05 AM by Paul Gareau
Hey all! Just wanted to put up a quick post saying that I got to Colombia OK. You may have seen from the pictures that we took a motorboat across from Panama (three motorboats actually), passing through the amazing San Blas (Kuna) Islands. After that was three buses to get to Cartegena, where I stayed for three days. Since leaving the city I spent two days riding northeast-ish along the coast, before turning south and riding three more days to Aguachica. The most recent road has been perfect for touring, with new pavement, a wide shoulder and light traffic. The temperature has been in the 70s, which has been a big surprise, so between that and the relatively flat roads I've been averaging about 70 miles per day since leaving Cartegena. This is longer than I prefer to ride, but the Andes are getting close now and I can't wait! I'll be in Bucaramanga in two days probably, and I might take a day off there and just a little farther north in San Gil. Then I'll be heading into some back roads in the mountains - whoohoo! 

I finally posted my Guatemala report about a week ago, but it showed up a few posts down in the list. Take a look when you get a chance!