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Quick Update from Choluteca, Honduras

posted Apr 15, 2010, 1:04 PM by Paul Gareau
Matt and I crossed the border into Honduras yesterday. The temperature has been in the upper 90s during the day, and very humid. In these conditions sweat just doesn't evaporate, and it doesn't take long to become completely soaked. To make the riding more bearable we've been waking up earlier and earlier - today we got up at 4:30AM, tomorrow will be about 4:15AM. That will put us on the road by 5:15, the official start of "dawn" and the coolest possible time to ride. This morning it was about 80 degrees when we got on the road, and about 100 by 11AM. We agreed that we'll make every effort not to ride past 12 noon. Riding in these temperatures is not just uncomfortable, but dangerous, and I think most days since Guatemala we've had to stop to rest because one or both of us was feeling light headed or shaky, or just very tired because of the heat. 

We'll be heading into the mountains tomorrow where it should be cooler, and if the climbing doesn't slow us down too much, it's possible that we'll be in Nicaragua tomorrow. There's a town on the Honduras side of the border that sounds good though (San Marcos) so we might just get that far and call it a day. After that might be a short ride to Somota, Nicaragua, which has a recently "discovered" canyon, with tours that would make a good activity for a rest day. After that we'll head either directly toward Granada, or maybe through Leon, which would take a little longer.

Since I can only get internet access outside of my hotel room, and it's REALLY hot out here, I'm gonna head back in and enjoy the air conditioning. Hasta luego.