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San Pedro de Atacama, Chile to Salta, Argentina

posted Jun 22, 2011, 12:03 PM by Paul Gareau   [ updated Aug 31, 2011, 3:25 PM ]
Howdy folks. Well, this still won't be the usual type of blog post I've been wanting to write, but it's gonna have to do for now. :) I'm back in Salta again after a two week trip back into the mountains and through the towns of Cafayate and Cachi (no, I just can't seem to get enough of the mountains!). For most of that section, I rode with another cyclist named Joe, who is riding from Ushuaia, Argentina to La Paz, Bolivia. It was good to have someone to ride with for a change since I've been solo since Puno, Peru. I've also been busy with a few projects, including my second (and last) fundraiser of the trip, this time in support of the National Kidney Foundation. See the "Donate" link on the left for more information on that. I've also been working on a iPhone/iPod app and website, where touring cyclists can record and retrieve information about the towns they pass during their trip. That can be found here: It's all pretty basic for now, but I did it with a $2 budget and my spare time, which there is never much of! I've also been refining my plan for the rest of my trip, and I've given myself a target date of November 15th to finish. This should let me travel at a pretty relaxed pace and also avoid the winter as I head south. I hope I'll be able to do at least some light hiking in Patagonia, and if I get a chance (and a good price) I might even go to Antartcica - after all, when will I get the chance again? Next I'll be following the edge of the Andes to a town named La Rioja, then I'll head southeast a bit to Cordoba before swinging back west to Mendoza. I'm shooting for August 1st to arrive there.

So far I've just typed up my notes for the section from San Pedro to here - including the trip to Cafayate and Cachi. I'm going to post those under "Attachments" below for now. I'm not sure if I'll ever get to turn them into a normal blog post but I've been in front of my computer too much lately as it is, and it's not going to happen today!

Here are the maps and elevation profiles of my riding since San Pedro:

San Pedro to Salta

Salta, Cafayate, Cachi, Salta

Paul Gareau,
Jun 22, 2011, 12:46 PM