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Santa Rosalia

posted Nov 28, 2009, 6:30 AM by Paul Gareau
Hi all. I'm in Santa Rosalia now, which is on the Eastern side of the Baja Peninsula. I joined up with three other tourists just about a week ago. It's been nice having some company since I haven't toured with anyone since the Californian coast! The people I'm riding with are all forest firefighters from Canada, and since they have skinny-tired road bikes with only two rear panniers, they ride a little faster and farther than I'm used to, but I'm managing to keep up. We did a 150km day (over 90 miles) from Guerrero Negro to San Ignacio, then had a relatively short day to Santa Rosalia where we were going to take a day off. This town and the next got pretty destroyed by a recent hurricane, so we'll head farther down the coast for our rest day. At the beginning of last week we rode through some amazing desert in the interior of the peninsula. I've done a lot of desert touring and this was definitely one of my favorites. Riding and camping in the huge cactus "forests" was pretty amazing.

Unfortunately, I've been sick for about 4 days now. It's just a head cold but it's getting pretty annoying. Also, one of my trailer's cartridge bearings blew out on a dirt road a few days ago. I have spares (of course) but getting the old casing out of the wheel required a wrench and a small sledge hammer. I also didn't have a wrench narrow enough to get the nuts off of the axel, so I had to buy one, and then take it to a car shop to get them to file it down to the right thickness. You need to be creative when you tour in Mexico! 

OK, gotta pack up - looks like it will be a beautiful riding day today.