Donate! (Rosario)

Thanks everyone! We were able to raise $570 US for the orphanage! We are no longer accepting donations, and today (Monday) we'll be buying the computer equipment and delivering it to the computer lab.

Hello everyone! As most of you know, I'm spending the holidays in Huancayo, Peru and volunteering with another traveler named Sigal at the El Rosario Orphanage. The director recently told us that they would like a new printer in the computer room and we thought, why stop there? The computer lab is an important part of the children's education, and the current equipment is outdated or broken. We know this is a last minute request, but we would like to raise enough money for a new printer and possibly even a few new computers or monitors. Basically, we're trying to do as much as possible before the new year, and ideally we'll have all of the donations before December 27th, 2010, which will give us time to purchase and set up the equipment. 100% of the donations received will go directly towards this cause. I've set my PayPal account up to accept donations, and any contribution that you can make would be greatly appreciated. You can make a donation using the button below. ("PSG Web Design" is the name of an old business of mine and will appear at the top of the PayPal page.)

About the El Rosario Orphanage (Taken from

“El Rosario” gives refuge to children in total abandonment, children orphaned by terrorism, and children with special needs.

On the 14th February 1986 existed the idea of Infantil “El Rosario”. There were so many abandoned children living on the streets of Peru that they had to look for a place to provide them a home.

There are 68 children in “El Rosario” at this moment. They are between the age of 2 and 18.They are children who were found in total abandonment, children orphaned by terrorism, children who come out of an extremely poor environment and children with special needs (mentally disabled children or children with psychological problems). The children will have to leave the orphanage when they have reached the age of 18. Only the mentally disabled children will continue their living in “El Rosario”.

The government helps the children by providing them with clothes, food and studies. But this is just the basic help. “El Rosario” is divided in ten little houses, called módulos. In every modulo there is a mother that takes care of 5 to 8 children. This mother takes care of them every day. She will give them love, helps them becoming independent and makes the children ready for a living outside “El Rosario”.

The main goals within the orphanage are:

  • To help the children in a physical, psychological, emotional and intellectual way and to prepare them for a living in society.
  • Providing the children with education, mental support, medical needs and to help them cope with the difficulties of life by giving them the love of a family.
  • To give them the chance to have a name, nationality, health, education, a family and to be treated as an equivalent person.