Panam Riders

Panam Riders is an email group for long distance cyclists who are travelling through the Americas. It was originally created for cyclists riding the entire route from Alaska to Argentina, but has since been opened up to anyone who is touring in the Americas for an extended period of time. As a general guideline, anyone touring for five or more months, or in five or more countries is encouraged to join. If this is you, please sign up today! 
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How to use the group:

Using the group is easy. When you send an email to, every member of the group will receive it. Messages can also be sent using the Discussions link on the webpage. Either way, any message that is sent to the group will be saved on the Discussions page for later viewing, and all of the messages can be searched at any time.

  • Respect other members, and keep all content family-oriented
  • Search the archive before posting questions
  • Make sure the subject is relevant to the content of your message
  • Do not reply to a digest email, instead click the subject in the digest and respond through the website

Panam Riders maps:

There are two maps for members of the Panam Riders group. The first is "Panam Riders Locations", which has the approximate location of everyone who's on the road. The other is "Panam Riders POIs" (POI = Points of Interest), which has locations and descriptions for any area a member of the group has decided to share.

For links to edit the maps, send an email to with the subject "map links" (without quotes).

To add your location to the map, click "Edit", then the "Placemark" Icon (next to the hand on the map), and drop the placemark on the desired location. You can change the style of the placemark, or even use your own picture. 
To change your location on the Panam Riders Locations Map, just drag and drop the placemark you have already created. 

For the Member Location map, please include your location name, and the date in the placemark description and try to update your location as frequently as possible! Placemarks that have not been updated in more than a month will be routinely deleted

For the POI Map, please make the placemark as accurate as possible by zooming in to the exact location before saving the location, and enter as much detail in the description as possible. When you're done creating or moving your placemark, be sure to click Save

Please do not change the title or description of any map!

Pan-American Riders Locations

Pan-American Riders POIs