Thank You!

A page to thank people both back home and on the road that have helped us.
Chris would like to thank the following people back home :
  • his grandad for the spending money and tools that he gave him before he left.
  • his uncle john for the spening money
  • his mother for all the food that she bought me before I left and generally being a great and understanding mum!
  • his dad for the tent and lift to the airport and spending money
  • his autie Janet and Family for the gifts
  • everyone who attended the going away party
Chris and Paul would like to thank the following people who have helped us while we've been on the road:
  • Cheif Jim Koe Zheh who gave Chris a lift from Whitehorse to Dawson City
  • Jim who gave us a lift from Dawson City to Inuvik
  • German couple who are riding the PamAm who gave Paul a Nalgene container in Dawson
  • The workers at Midway Lake on the Cassiar Highway who gave us fish, sausages and burgers for lunch
  • Susan from NY/Cali who drove us to a trailhead at Tombstone and shared her site with us in Dawson City
  • Woman at Tombstone campground who gave us fresh vegetables and nuts
  • Woman in Dawson who gave Liesbeth and Paul vegetables and ice cream
  • Canadian guy who drove Paul from 55 mi East of Dawson City to Johnson's Crossing
  • Bill, who drove Paul from Johnson's crossing to Whitehorse and shared more information about geology than Paul will ever remember
  • Family at Smart River who gave us hotdogs, tea and yogurt
  • Canadian couple Terry and Maggie at Boya Lake who gave us drinks and let us use their kayaks
  • Couple in Stewart who gave us 1.5 liters of white gas (after their stove exploded)
  • Woman in Smithers who gave us cookies and watermelon
  • Ben who let us camp in his yard, use his kitchen and take showers
  • Guy who gave us food and gave Chris a lift to Jasper