TourBuddy gives cyclists the information they need for the places the travel guides forgot about.

TourBuddy is both an iPhone/iPod app and website. Bicycle travelers can record information on the places they've visited using the simple app, and research places they'll be going using the website. 

The TourBuddy website is available here: 

Installing TourBuddy

To install the TourBuddy database, you must first install the StoreIt Database Application. You can use either the Standard or Pro versions, which cost $2 and $5, respectively. The Pro version will make submitting data a little easier for people who don't have access to a computer from which data can be downloaded. 

Once the application is installed, you will need to download the TourBuddy database from the following link, using a computer (not your iPhone/iPod).

Once downloaded, remove the ".txt" file extension, and import the file into StoreIt following the directions here:, and use the "Restore Backup to New Category" link. 

Using TourBuddy

Now you should be able to see the TourBuddy "category" inside the StoreIt app. Please enter the Country, Location (Town, Mile/Kilometer Marker, etc), Region (State, Province, etc.), and the date you were at that location. The other fields are checkboxes where you can indicate which services are available, and three "Notes" fields where you can add extra information. Please try to be as thorough as possible, and use the appropriate Spanish characters such as in "Baños". 

Submitting Information to the TourBuddy website

Follow the same directions ( to save the category as a text file, and send it to me in an email after you've recorded information on many locations. If you have the StoreIt Pro app, you can send me the file directly through email, as explained here:

That's all there is to it. Please let me know if you have any questions!